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Spine Surgery

Back pain is one of the primary reasons why people consult their doctor or surgeon, and consider pursuing spine surgery. While spinal surgery is uncommonly pursued to resolve pain, as the source must be identified, it is a surgical procedure used to treat a range of spine conditions. Before surgery is considered, your doctor will

Compression Fractures of the Spine

Compression fractures of the spine, or vertebral compression fractures, are small breaks in the vertebrae and are common in older adults over 50. We at Everett Bone & Joint are known for using innovative methods to treat our patient’s spinal compression fractures. Below you’ll find information about vertebral compression fractures, symptoms, and treatments. What are

Orthopedic Round Table

Todd Havener, MD and Howard Barker, MD along with retired Proliance Surgeons Everett Bone & Joint doctor Clay Wertheimer, have discussions on knee, hand and shoulder surgeries.

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