Elbow Conditions

We at Proliance Surgeons Everett Bone & Joint are known for using innovative methods to treat our patient’s elbow conditions.

Elbow Treatment

Elbow Arthroscopy

A common treatment that helps orthopedic surgeons visualize and treat problems inside of a joint. They accomplish this by inserting a small camera inside of your elbow joint by way of a small incision to guide miniature surgical instruments to repair the condition you’re being treated for.

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Conditions of the Elbow

Biceps Tendon Rupture

These types of tears are uncommon, but are often caused by a sudden injury and result in great arm weakness. There are two types of tears, partial and complete tears. The partial affects the soft tissue without completely severing the tendon and a complete tear will fully detach the tendon from the bone. When either occurs, you’ll notice a sudden pop in the elbow with heavy lifting that causes bruising and pain with elbow motion.

Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

This involves pressure and/or stretching of the ulnar nerve, known as the “funny bone”, and causes numbness or tingling in several places along down the arm including the ring and small fingers, pain in the forearm, and possibly weakness in the hand.

Distal Biceps Tendon Rupture

This happens when the tendon that attaches the biceps muscle to the elbow is torn away from the bone and usually occurs in middle-aged males during heavy lifting but is rare in and of itself.

Elbow Arthritis

Also known as osteoarthritis, when the cartilage surface of the elbow is damaged or worn out and often occurs from a previous injury or the normal wearing away of joint cartilage from age or activities. Osteoarthritis often includes progressive loss of motion of the elbow with catching, locking, and pain.

Golfer's Elbow

Medically referred to as Medial epicondylitis, it’s the second most common injury related to golfing where the tendons attached to your forearm inside of the bone at your elbow become inflamed. Commonly felt as pain and tenderness inside of the elbow.

Lateral Epicondylitis

Also known as “tennis elbow”, this is caused by overuse of the elbow where inflammation occurs, sometimes with micro-tearing of the tendons that connect the muscles in your forearm with the outside of the elbow. It’s commonly felt as pain on the outside of the elbow that becomes more severe with lifting, gripping or direct pressure.

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