Everett’s Ambulatory Surgery Center

In this segment of Ask The Surgeon you hear how surgeries have changed significantly over the last 10 to 15 years. What was major then for surgeries is routine now. Today's surgeries with new technologies, new devices and techniques will have you up and moving the same day of surgery. It's even done on a regular basis with partial or total joint replacement surgeries.

Doctor Mason talks about Everett's Ambulatory Surgery Center. Discussed our the many benefits of today's ambulatory surgery center like patients drive to the ambulatory surgery center for same day surgeries. No patient wants to stay the night in the hospital and studies have shown patients heal better when they are in their own home environment.

Another benefit of Everett's' Ambulatory Surgery Center is that EBJ Proliance Surgeons work with the same surgical team Monday through Friday. Patients receive better care with an experienced staff that only do orthopedic surgeries.

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