Types Of Ankle Fractures

In this segment of Ask The Surgeon, Dr Mason talks about ankle fractures. First, the difference between an ankle sprain or ankle fracture. If only the ligaments give way and tear, you have sprained the ankle. If a bone gives way and breaks, you have an ankle fracture. Dr Mason is impressed with the ankle joint and the tremendous amount of force it withstands over time versus its size.

What bones is Doctor Mason typically concerned about? The 3 main bones, the tibia, fibula and talus. A surgeon will look at the X-rays and first deduce if it's a dislocation or a fracture then take great pains to try to make things literally perfect because of the tremendous pressure your ankle needs to withstand. This is achieved surgically by creating the proper relationship in terms of geometry between the two ankles bones and hold them in place for proper use and function plus proper healing of the soft tissue.

The chief long-term concern with not treating an ankle fracture correctly is the injured area leads to early arthritic change.

Another common foot injury discussed between Dr. Mason and Shannon O'Kelley is the 5th metatarsal that runs along the top of the foot which is called an avulsion. The fifth metatarsal is the most common metatarsal to be fractured.

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