Baseball Injuries

On this segment of Ask The Surgeon Doctor Mason goes over typical injuries seen on baseball players starting in little league on up to the Everett Aqua Sox and the pro's. Listen to Shannon O'Kelley ask Doctor Mason what the most common baseball injuries and his in depth answers about the upper extremities and the amount of force they deal with to play the great game of baseball.

Muscles, tendon and ligaments that are most impacted are located in the shoulders, elbows and the bicep regions. The mechanics of throwing are discussed and where in the throwing process most baseball injuries occur. Dr Mason, in this audio segment, describes the best internal rotation to avoid soreness.

The typical symptoms of baseball injuries are discussed and what to look out for if you have a small rotator cuff tear. Click the play button, sit back and listen to an orthopedic surgeon talk about his experiences with baseball injuries so you can avoid them.

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