Bicep Tendon Tear

On this segment of Ask The Surgeon brought to you by EBJ Proliance Surgeons, A.K.A. Everett Bone & Joint, Doctor Mason gives reason why it's better to get your bicep tendon tear surgically fixed soon rather than later. Listen to Doctor Mason discuss how he diagnosis a bicep tendon rupture and the steps to do a bicep tendon repair surgery to get the proper muscle tension curve for normal range of motion with your bicep muscle.

A lot of bodybuilders get this injury from lifting too heavy of weights. It's in popular injury among fifty-something athletes and construction works who do something extraordinary to injure their biceps tendons. The bicep tendon is important to the supination of 2 different joints with two different motions that for example allows you to turn a screw with a screwdriver.

Pain levels depends on where the bicep tendon tear occurs along two joints, the shoulder and the elbow. If the rupture happens near the shoulder, and your older, there are cases where you can choose to just leave it alone. Doctor Mason explains his surgical technique of using titanium clips in surgery to attach the Bicep Tendon to the bone for a "get back to normal" type range of motion. Recovery rate for a ruptured tendon is quick in case you have a job to get back too. Typically you'll start exercising within a week of surgery.

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