Knee Pain in Middle-Aged Men

What is the most common causes of knee pain for middle-aged men? First Doctor Mason, along with host Maury and Shannon, define middle age as the period beyond young adulthood but before the onset of old age. These guys still think they are 15 to 20 years old and want to stay active with this youthful mentality throughout their fifties and sixties.

Middle-agers are the fifty something's whose knee joints are getting worn out. It's all those previous years of wear and tear on the knees that start to add up. From partial meniscus tears, to arthritic knees most the time the pain originated from an old knee injury or as a result of the life they have lived.

Doctor Mason discusses how he evaluates each patient very carefully to get an idea of their lifestyle and what they maybe doing that is contributing to their knee pain. Orthopedic surgeons also look for mechanical issues with how the knee works, knees that swell provide clues as well.

A lot of the types of knee procedures Doctor Mason does would go under the umbrella of a sports medicine practice but in many cases instead of performing the procedures for a 22 year old outfielder, the same procedure can be done for a fifty-two year old boeing mechanic.

Doctor Mason talks about knee braces and what results he has seen with them. Another option is a Knee osteotomy where he corrects congenital or functional abnormalities of the bones with surgery. New technology like regrowing cartilage or synthetics along with options for a partial knee replacement are discussed as well.

Doctor Mason recommends exercises that are low impact like ellipticals, bike riding or workouts in the pool so you do not overload the knee joint.

Listen to Doctor Mason's radio segment titled Ask The Surgeon that was recorded on Fox Sports AM1380's Health Matters show hosted by Maury Eskenazi and Shannon O'Kelley.

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