General Orthopedist Training

What is the favorite surgery of an orthopedic generalist? All of them (general orthopedist humor). General Orthopedist, what are they? The technical explanation. Orthopedist: An orthopedic surgeon, a physician who corrects congenital or functional abnormalities of the bones and treating injuries to the bones. Sometimes spelled orthopaedist.

EBJ Proliance Surgeon's Doctor Mason is one such General Orthopedic Surgeon. In this Ask The Surgeon segment Doctor Mason talks about his training over the years to become a General Orthopedist and the thousands of hours it takes to become one. Currently well under 10% of Orthopedic Surgeons graduating nowadays, graduate as a General Orthopedist since it's much harder to achieve. Doctor Mason tells why. It starts with the rigors of medical training doing his residency work in a very busy hospital. His scheduled was called "the 40 hour work day" where you don't leave the hospital until 40 hours later.

During his generalist residency Doctor Mason performed many more surgeries, collectively on each body part, then a specialist. As a result a general orthopedist gets very good on their feet at handling problems when something unusual occurs since chances are a generalist will have seen it before and provide better medical decision-making make a generalist an excellent choice for a variety of surgeries.

Even after graduation the medical learning continues with seminars on cadavers models, the university anatomy room, meetings, medical videos and more to stay up to date on the latest techniques.

Whether you have experienced the trauma of a fracture or the chronic pain of back, neck or hand problems, the general orthopedic surgeons can help you return to a pain-free lifestyle.

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